Thursday, 10 April 2008

weekend in France

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in France with some fabulous people. Most of them were under 12 and for some it was their first time abroad. We went to a typical French market where they spent their euros, visited a chocolate factory and a goat farm (chocolate and cheese mmmm) and experienced a cracking activity day. Zip wire in the snow. Wow. For most of the children the activity experience was very challenging. Climbing the very steep ladder leading to the very small platform was an experience in itself but then launching yourself off into the void was very brave especially for some. It was also extremely cold!!!! But I wouldnt have missed it for the world!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

overdue posting

I was asked the other day whether I blogged. "Yes" I lied!! I felt bad because I knew that I hadnt posted for AGES. So there we are...... the impetus to 'get on with it'.
So what do I have to talk about.... well yesterday I went on a course for work that was dedicated to ICT in education. Is ICT going to revolutionize learning? Not next week but in the future, yes I believe it will. But the speakers were preaching to the converted! The message has to get to the policy makers ie the government!! ho hum.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Femtocell eh!

Anyone heard of Femtocell? What a great next step. I had to abandon my last phone due to a severe lack of signal. Now this sounds like a great next step and I want one!!!!! One of the things I love best about Communication technology is the rapid escalation and evolution of everything ICT. Maybe this means that you buy something that bombs but for the most part it is just so fascinating watching. Long may it continue.

Communicate? I would if I Could!

Mobile phone producers should make sure that what they sell is 'fit for purpose'. A standby offer of 250 hours is quite good but how about a standby of 6!! Would you buy this phone? I think not. Samsung are providing false information! I thought that I was unlucky at first, having a battery that emptied amazingly quickly. Back to the shop a month after purchase and they could not have been more helpful. A new battery was duly ordered and fitted within a few days. At this moment I decided to check out Samsung on the web. It has a dreadful reputation with lots of people saying that although the phone was stylish and good to use the battery was useless. Oh dear. My new battery was sort of ok for a few days but then I got the 6 hours standby!!!! Back to the shop...... very helpful again ..... we will send it away to be checked out.... it could be the software! or maybe the connection!! Do you have a spare phone? No? well we can provide one ....for £20!!!!! Diabolical..... So I am now phoneless. Ho Hum!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007